Harnessing FHIR

Express Talk from Oserha/Medica Soft

ATA2020 Express Talk by Medica Soft.

Healthcare and research institutions wishing to expand best practices in healthcare need a flexible, native-FHIR data platform supporting a cloud-based infrastructure and applications, with security features integrated throughout, is an essential tool to further medicine and healthcare. Successful research and healthcare platform accumulating data must be flexible to entertain a variety of interfaces and mobile devices yielding a cohesive and descriptive and practical yet diverse set of data sources. While application flexibility, durable infrastructure, and tight security may appear to be opposing objectives, it’s both possible and essential to strike a balance between these interests to support the needs of one or a thousand stakeholders located in a variety of facilities around the world while supporting expanded research initiatives compiled from a variety of devices – mobile data included. A useful healthcare and research platform should have the ability to receive data from a diverse array of sources and then parse, clean, and normalize that data to reach “valid data” status. And where FHIR resources have not been defined, the data platform’s components should support the extension of the FHIR data model using extensions that meet the FHIR specification.