How to Maximize the Value & Sustainability of Your Telehealth Investment

The sudden spike in demand for telehealth meant practices needed to quickly adapt to new workflows, technology, and training. However, this is leading many to question whether these swiftly developed telehealth programs will be sustainable in the years to come.

The benefits of telemedicine have proven to be effective in not only patient outcomes but also in patient acquisition and retention rates, all of which have an impact on the bottom line. So, to ensure sustainability, virtual care delivery models need to scale and adapt to patient’s increasing expectations for telehealth.

This webinar shares: 

  • How Geisinger was able to do the visits of 10 clinics with the cost of 1 clinic
  • How Hospital Medicine Solutions has maximized the value of a hybrid care model
  • How telehealth integration into a care delivery model can deliver cost savings in the post-pandemic environment
  • How to streamline, consolidate and support technology solutions for telehealth