On-Demand Virtual Care Benchmark Survey Report

Virtual care is increasingly critical in
healthcare delivery, and numerous surveys
and studies have been done evaluating
everything from effectiveness to patient
readiness to provider adoption. This body
of research is lacking in one crucial area:
how health systems are deploying and using
virtual care. The 2018 On-Demand Virtual
Care Benchmark survey is our attempt to fill
that gap.
We gathered data from 56 respondents,
working for organizations ranging in size
from no hospitals to more than 15. The
organizations represented include operations
in all 50 states. While the number of
respondents is not high enough to show
clear benchmarks, it can provide a glimpse
into more general trends in health systems’
deployment and use of virtual care.
The results of this report are organized into
three key categories: virtual care operations,
technology and clinical.

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