Overcoming Potential Barriers to RPM Implementation

While remote patient monitoring (RPM) has exploded in recent years, many providers are not equipped to purchase, set up, or manage RPM devices (especially multiple RPM solutions), not to mention the access and reimbursement needed to incentivize wide adoption. Clinicians are already time-constrained and creating additional administrative tasks would sacrifice other important office work or patient care.

How do we overcome this? How can we deliver a beneficial RPM experience while easing the burden a program could potentially place on physicians, staff, and patients? This online event covered solutions available to support providers with device setup, enrollment, and patient support.

Covered Points:

  • How are organizations looking to expand their programs as RPM solutions improve and become more reimbursable?
  • What are the processes for selecting which RPM solutions to implement?

  • What are the technical challenges being encountered as organizations implement more RPM?

  • How are organizations navigating technical challenges?

Featured Speakers:

  • Beth Friedmann, RN, MSN, MA, AVP, Clinical Informatics, Northwell Health
  • Colin Wearring, Sr. Product Manager, Redox