Physical Therapy Licensure Compact


Physical Therapy Licensure Compact

Compact Description

  • The Physical Therapy Compact is an interstate agreement between member states to provide a state-developed collaborative structure to protect the public by increasing consumer access to physical therapy services by reducing regulatory barriers to interstate mobility and cross-state practice.
  • The purpose of this Compact is to facilitate interstate practice of physical therapy with the goal of improving public access to physical therapy services. The practice of physical therapy occurs in the state where the patient/client is located at the time of the patient/client encounter. The Compact preserves the regulatory authority of states to protect public health and safety through the current system of state licensure.
  • Mutual recognition model allows a practitioner to practice in the compact member states either using a multistate license or by obtaining a “compact privilege”.

What professions are included?

  • Physical Therapists and Physical Therapy Assistants

Compact States

  • As of January 11th, 2021, there are 20 states in the PT Compact

Regulatory body for the occupation

  • The Physical Therapy Compact Commission is the governing body comprised of the member states established to implement the provisions of the PT Compact.

Link to compact language

Compact contact information
T.J. Cantwell
Compact Administrator, PT Compact Commission
Phone: 703-299-3100 ext. 261


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