Elevating and Extending Clinical Collaboration for Connected Care Across the Continuum


Teladoc Health and Microsoft are collaborating to simplify the way healthcare organizations and clinicians work by streamlining the technology and administrative processes associated with providing care. Enabling clinicians to practice at the top of their license by freeing them from administrative tasks benefits patients, providers and the healthcare system overall. In this fireside chat, Dr. Shayan Vyas, VP and Medical Director, Teladoc Health and Molly K. McCarthy, US National Director, Health Providers and Plans, Microsoft, will discuss current challenges facing providers due to disparate, non-purpose built solutions and how a modern, unified platform elevates and extends clinical collaboration by helping organizations simplify workflows thereby improving the care experience.

Learning Objectives:

    • How disparate systems impact care team communication and collaboration, care delivery from hospital to home, and provider productivity
    • The role of innovative approaches to drive interoperability, simplify clinical workflows and deliver an improved patient experience and level of care from hospital to home
    • Gain insights into a modern, unified health care delivery model and how it enables an improved connected care experience, irrespective of care setting, at the right time for each patient


Molly K. McCarthy MBA, RN-BC, US National Director, Health Providers and Plans, Microsoft

 Dr. Shayan Vyas, Vice President and Medical Director, Teladoc Health

Moderator: Kim Swafford, Provider and Virtual Health Lead, Americas at Microsoft


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