Telehealth Bootcamp Part 2 – High Tech and High Touch: Ensuring a Good Experience for the Patient and the Provider

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While the COVID-19 pandemic has certainly accelerated the adoption of telehealth, for many, the pandemic has provided their first exposure to care delivered in a virtual manner and it’s not an intuitive experience for all.

Part 2 of our Telehealth Bootcamp Series addressed the importance of considering how a patient experiences a telehealth visit, recommendations on the workflows, and best practices to help them have a frictionless encounter.

First Rachel Bruce-Carothers, MSN, RN, Clinical Program Manager for Providence Health discusses the ideal components of a provider training program and then Chuck Valentino, Vice President of Enterprise Access Services for Tower Health shares the fundamentals for workflows and best practices to help provide a seamless patient experience.

Companion Video Featured in the Presentation: