Telehealth for COVID-19 Across Care Settings

ATA Member Webinars

COVID-19 has become a US and global topic of public health concern, and timely telehealth solutions are needed more than ever for community-based early detection, remote clinical support of patients in quarantine with medical monitoring, and patient education and provision of safer inpatient care for healthcare workers providing and delivering care in airborne infection isolation rooms (AIIR).

The US federal, state and local governments are working vigorously to contain and mitigate the community spread of COVID-19 and are preparing to lift Medicare and Medicaid reimbursement restrictions to incentivize effective telehealth services. All anticipate an appropriate increased volume of telehealth online patient visits.

Our panel of industry leaders discussed how implementing telehealth is used to keep healthy patients healthy, inform concerned patients of current health information, and detect, isolate, and monitor the medical status of those who are in quarantine or are low-risk and confirmed test positive for COVID-19.

UPDATE 4/8/2020: See a list of Q&A responses from the panelists here.