Round Table Discussion: The Role of Telehealth in the Future of Excellent Healthcare for Rural Areas

Health systems across the United States are investing in a continuous effort to provide high-quality healthcare across the regions they serve. This can be challenging when dealing with communities in rural areas, where the current shortage of clinicians adds to existing difficulties in making health care hard to access.

As health systems strive to provide affordable and comprehensive access to care for their patient population, telehealth is taking a significant role in creating models for seamless care for people no matter where they live.

In this discussion, we spoke with Bill Gassen, President and CEO of Sanford Health, one of the leading health systems in the country. More than two thirds of the communities served by Sanford Health are rural. Mr. Gassen will be joined by Dedi Gilad, CEO and Co-founder of TytoCare for a discussion about virtual care as a potential solution to many of the challenges and opportunities faced by health systems looking to provide high-quality healthcare to underserved communities.