URAC: Focus on Quality for the Next Generation of Health Care

In this dynamic telehealth landscape, ensuring quality and fostering trust is paramount. URAC, a leader in accrediting healthcare organizations for over three decades, is at the forefront of telehealth and remote patient monitoring accreditation. Watch this session to gain insights from an industry leader on the current state of telehealth, URAC’s role in maintaining high standards, and the lessons we can learn from recent experiences to enhance healthcare delivery for all.

In this engaging session, URAC’s President and CEO, Dr. Shawn Griffin, chats with ATA CEO Ann Mond Johnson. They discuss how URAC’s rigorous accreditations drive excellence and exceptional performance in patient care and services.

Key Topic Areas Include:

  • The evolution of telehealth in the wake of the pandemic and gain insights into its recent developments.
  • URAC’s pivotal role in shaping healthcare standards and how these standards promote patient-centric care.
  • How the pandemic prompted a reevaluation of healthcare delivery methods and how URAC’s partnerships with organizations deliver new patient experiences and outcomes.
  • The invaluable lessons URAC has gleaned about maintaining quality in telehealth and the potential for improvement across all sectors of the healthcare ecosystem, from employers and payers to providers and patients.