Virtual Nursing is rapidly changing how hospital virtual care is delivered; patients and nurses are benefitting.

In this webinar, Philips and Cox Health discussed how technology in the virtual care space is rapidly expanding. Virtual Nursing takes tele-critical care outside of the ICU and is making a positive impact within organizations seeking to support, educate and develop their staff, improve patient care delivery, and gain insights to their patient population. While in-hospital telehealth is not new, the pandemic and current workforce challenges shine a light on how remote, highly trained nurses can help support a variety of in-patient settings. Additionally, the virtual workforce path can extend careers of many experienced nurses giving them an opportunity to become mentors as well.

Watch and learn how virtual care is expanding into other in-hospital specialty areas, especially the general ward, and why patients and bedside nurses alike feel more supported with this care delivery model. Healthcare organizations that are prioritizing access to care, extending the reach and capacity of care teams, clinical decision-making, and surveillance are moving rapidly into the future; hear how they are leveraging different solutions to do so.