A Conversation with Angie Franks of Central Logic and Adam Heller of Ziegler

Greg Matthews, Founder of HealthQuant, talked with Angie Franks, CEO of Central Logic and Adam Heller, Director of Healthcare and Investment Banking at Ziegler about care access and orchestration and the right “man-machine” solutions to migrating from inefficient episodic care to a true patient-centric continuum of care. This re-thinking of the care model also pays special attention to the frameworks that support the special needs of underserved populations and highlights the importance of the relationship between a platform like central logic and their strategic partners at Ziegler.

Angie on LinkedIn
Adam on LinkedIn
Article | Patient Navigation is the Key to Optimizing Healthcare Delivery
Central Logic on the Web: https://www.centrallogic.com/
Ziegler on the Web: https://www.ziegler.com/

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