Pediatric Telehealth SIG

The purpose of the Pediatric Telehealth Special Interest Group is to promote and foster the growth and provision of a broad spectrum of telehealth services for infants, children and adolescents. This group provides a forum for discussion of opportunities for clinical, research and educational collaboration, to generate interest in outreach, research and the reporting of outcomes, and to identify and remove any barriers to the fullest implementation of pediatric telehealth.

Group Objectives:

  • Understand the health care needs of children that can be supported by the telehealth;

  • Educate a broad array of child health providers, policy makers and payers as to the broad range of opportunities brought forth through the use of telemedicine and e-health applications;

  • Identify opportunities for collaboration in international and domestic outreach to improve the health of children worldwide;

  • Promote the development of sound state and federal government policies to improve access to care for children in both rural and in urban areas;

  • Encourage the development of a research agenda related to pediatric applications of telehealth

  • Engage the American Academy of Pediatrics, the Society for Pediatric Research, the Pediatric Academic Societies and the American Association of Family Practice in discussions related to telehealth related services for children.


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SIG Leadership

James T. McElligott, MD, MSCR
Medical Director for Telehealth
Medical University of SC (MUSC)
Charleston, SC 

Vice Chair
Tamara Perry
Director of Telehealth Operations
Virtual Health and Innovation
Dallas, TX

Immediate Past Chair
Kathy Webster, MD
Director of Telemedicine
Advocate Health Care
Oak Lawn, IL