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Telemental Health Monthly SIG Meeting February 2024

November 26, 2023   |   Event   |   Member Meetings

Join us for our February meeting for a policy update, an update on the ATA/AACAP guidelines for Child/Adolescent telemental health, and to discuss plans and priorities for the coming year. We'll al... Read More

Telemental Health Monthly SIG Meeting June 2024

February 18, 2024   |   Event   |   Member Meetings

The Telemental Health Special Interest Group includes administrators, clinicians, and information technology professionals. Our goal is to enhance and support the use of technology in the delivery ... Read More

Health Tech Investing: Finding a Happy Marriage

August 14, 2023   |   Resource   |   ATA Podcast Series

Funding for digital health companies enjoyed explosive growth in 2021, but has retreated significantly as health systems, payors, and investors take a closer look at value demonstration, management teams, and...



August 15, 2018

Telehealth Basics Telehealth has advanced from a curious form of clinical communication to a mainstay in the way providers and consumers interact. It has gone from being a side feature of the heal... Read More

Trust is a Currency for Health Engagement

January 16, 2023   |   Resource   |   ATA Podcast Series

According to health consumers, three things need to be in place in order for them to engage with their healthcare: trust, authenticity and satisfaction. When we add technology to that...