Maryland Health Care Commission Announces Availability of Funding for School-Based Telehealth Project Development

The Maryland Health Care Commission (MHCC) has made available two funding opportunities – the School-Based Teletherapy for Special Education Services grant and Enhancing School-Based Health Care Services via Telehealth grant.

For each grant opportunity, MHCC plans to award, on a competitive basis, funding to a single organization to implement a telehealth project over an 18-month period to increase access to services in State public schools, including primary, and hearing and speech therapy. The goal of the School-Based Teletherapy for Special Education Services grant is to expand availability services to students eligible for special education in public schools with a shortage of qualified specialist related service providers.  The goal of the Enhancing School-Based Health Care Services via Telehealth grant is to increase access to health care services to improve the health quality, academic performance, and decrease absenteeism in the student population.

Organizations seeking to implement a telehealth project to help meet one of these goals are eligible to apply for this award of up to $200,000 per project. Applicants are encouraged to provide up to a 1:1 financial match rate.

Deadlines and How to Apply
A letter of intent (LOI) from the prime applicants is strongly recommended by August 1, 2018 5:00 PM ET, via email to Angela Evatt at

Grant applications are due to MHCC by 5:00pm ET on August 15, 2018, via email to Christine Karayinopulos at

Learn more about these grant opportunities at the MHCC website here.

The school-based telehealth Grant Announcements are available on the MHCC webpage.