North Huntingdon EMS and Dictum Health Bring Clinical Telehealth to Pennsylvania Residents


Oakland, CA, April 12, 2018 – Dictum Health – innovators in telehealth’s Virtual Exam Room (VER) technology that supports patients across the continuum of care – announced today that North Huntingdon EMS/Rescue (NHEMS/R) has added the Dictum Health telehealth solution to their Community Paramedicine/Mobile Integrated Health (CP/MIH) program.

Through the expansion of this program, NHEMS/R expects to collect more complete, timely data on frequent users of emergency medical services using Dictum Health’s VER-MEDIC telehealth system, and to reduce avoidable hospital visits. The VER-MEDIC will be used for
scheduled health checks on known high-risk, frequent-user patients.

“This unit allows our Community Paramedicine program staff to quickly and efficiently gather vital patient information, and to share this information with our health care partners in real-time,” said Shane Spielvogle RN-BSN, PHRN and Executive Director of North Huntingdon EMS/Rescue. “The video conference and digital stethoscope make remote physician consults much more meaningful.”

The VER-MEDIC telehealth case is mobile, lightweight, and ruggedized, which NH EMS/Rescue can use in patients’ homes as an extension of the paramedic trucks. Technicians conduct patient exams with VER-MEDIC that include complete vital signs, cardiopulmonary data, and if needed, the ability to virtually connect with a remote physician or specialist for a full video and diagnostic consultation.

“Our VER capability is advancing healthcare delivery outside the hospital with the goal of improving patient outcomes for those who need it most,” said Elizabeth Keate, VP of Product
Management at Dictum Health. “Rural and remote areas have become hospital deserts,
pushing EMS to the center of healthcare delivery, so by opening access to a remote specialist
using telehealth, we can reduce unnecessary transport and prioritize at-risk patients.”

The telehealth component of this program is part of a project funded by a local payor-affiliated organization in Pittsburgh, to improve care response to high-risk patients in the community and to reduce avoidable hospital visits. The data for patients and system usage are being collected and evaluated for further program evaluation to assess more widespread adoption in other CP/MIH programs in the region.

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Shane Spielvogle
North Huntingdon EMS/Rescue

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