Telehealth for Rural Communities

Through the COVID pandemic, we gained our best knowledge of virtual care, and improved patient touch points. This is especially true for rural patient populations who were already underserved before the pandemic. Let’s not put what has worked well during a crisis, back!

This webinar will walk you through 2 virtual care programs that address healthcare access issues in rural communities. Learn how they are leveraging telemedicine technologies as a legitimized component of how they deliver care on a daily basis and evolving their programs with hybrid care models.

Join Rhett Stover from Oklahoma State University, Billy Edmunds from The Free Medical Clinic (Tennessee) and Zach Ninteman from AMD Global for this discussion.

Specific topic points include:

  • How is telehealth used as another distribution point-of-care, and not a substitute for in-person care?
  • What does a hybrid care model look like and what are the benefits for patients and providers alike?
  • What are good performance indicators for rural telehealth programs?
  • How are clinicians using integrated telemedicine devices to diagnose and treat patients in rural settings?


  • Rhett Stover, MHA, FACHE, Chief Executive Officer, OSU Medicine
  • Billy Edmunds, Executive Director, The Free Medical Clinic
  • Zach Ninteman, Regional Director of Growth, AMD Global Telemedicine