The ATA’s Health Data Privacy Principles: Addressing State Statutes & Regulations

As states adopt privacy statutes and regulations, an effort to establish uniformity with existing federal and other state standards would reduce both complexity of compliance and confusion for consumers and companies alike. Privacy laws should allow for innovation and the advancement of technology-assisted care. In response, the ATA has adopted new Health Data Privacy Principles to ensure telehealth practices meet standards for patient safety, data privacy, and information security, while advancing patient access and building awareness of telehealth practices.

The ATA and the ATA’s Data Privacy Work Group believe that the protection of patient data is a prerequisite for connected care and a core principle for our organization. Key components of the Health Data Privacy Principles include:

  • Consistency
  • Definition of Consumer Health DATA
  • Consumer Rights
  • Consumer Consent, Sale of Data & Opt-Out
  • Enforcement


  • Moderator: Kyle Zebley, Senior Vice President, Public Policy, the ATA; Executive Director, ATA Action
  • Mercer May, Director of Government Affairs, Teladoc Health; Chair of the Data Privacy Work Group
  • Greg Mills, Government Affairs Manager, Capital Results