Hicuity Health Introduces Guardian CI™ Telesitter

New Patient Observation Model Offers 30% Sitter Overhead Reduction, Expands Portfolio of Telemedicine Services

Hicuity Health, the nation’s leading provider of high-acuity telemedicine services, announced the launch of its new Guardian CI telesitter service, a virtual patient observation model designed to provide hospitals and health systems with a safe, cost-effective alternative to in-person sitters. The telesitter service delivers continuous technology-enabled patient monitoring with intervention steps and escalation paths that can be customized to the facility or health system to help prevent falls and promote patient safety.

The Hicuity Health telesitter service enables ongoing surveillance of patients anywhere in the hospital who are identified as high risk. Monitoring staff watch constantly for risk events such as potential falls, delirium, pulling at lines, and elopement and utilize a facility-customized escalating response model to redirect the patient using audio and video interventions, contact a designated floor “runner” to intervene in person, or activate a distinct in-room alert that signals the need for immediate intervention by floor staff.

“Hicuity Health is proud to launch our Guardian CI telesitter service, our latest technology-enabled clinical service,” said Lou Silverman, CEO of Hicuity Health. “Like our tele-ICU, inpatient telemetry, and post-acute and smart device real-time patient monitoring services, telesitter delivers clinical effectiveness and efficiency to our clients to benefit the patients that we collectively serve.”

Key Telesitter Benefits

  • Reduced Staffing Overhead:
    Offers a 30% reduction in non-reimbursable staffing costs associated with 1:1 in-person sitting.
  • Continuous, Focused Monitoring:
    Features trained monitoring staff, working from integrated operations centers with 24/7 nurse manager supervision and support.
  • Responsive to Patient Census:
    Limits disruptions to bedside nursing and staff associated with being pulled off the floor to provide in-person sitting.
  • Comprehensive Safety Program:
    Provides effective 24/7 patient observation of at-risk patients while promoting safety and delivering peace of mind to patients’ families.
  • Flexible Technology Approach:
    Can utilize a Hicuity Health-defined turn-key technology solution or look to incorporate existing hospital assets.

To learn more about Hicuity Health’s telesitter services, click here. Or read the full press release here.

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