Managed Mobility Services for Telehealth

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Supporting emerging initiatives for patients to engage with their providers is critical in today’s environment. Patient support for using tablets to their fullest potential is important to drive satisfaction and results.

MTech Mobility has you covered.

Secure, full-service, on-demand management services for mobile devices of any kind to support remote patient care for healthcare plans, providers and technology vendors.

MTech Mobility offers industry leading, comprehensive managed services for the emerging Telehealth industry. MTech’s focus on safety and data privacy is at the core of its ability to securely and safely deploy, recover, cleanse and manage devices for remote healthcare initiatives. Healthcare plans and providers turn to MTech to handle a range of activities, including device configuration and deployment, 24x7x365 direct-to-end-user helpdesk support, device retrieval, triage and cleansing, asset recovery, device repair and redeployment. All MTech services are governed by strict procedures and tools to maximize device sanitization, decontamination and data privacy, including erasure in line with the HIPAA Security Rule.

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