Media Alert: Philips and Advanced ICU Care Introduce New eBook Highlighting the Impact of Tele-ICU Technology

Philips and Advanced ICU Care have teamed up to release a new eBook that helps hospital clinicians and leaders better understand the benefits and value tele-ICU solutions can bring to the critical care setting.

WHAT:                    The downloadable eBook, entitled, “Tele-ICU: The New Standard of Care,” draws on Philips and Advanced ICU Care’s collaborative relationship spanning more than a decade and includes various data from health systems around the country revealing that tele-ICUs have become a standard in healthcare, delivering improved outcomes for patients and cost savings for health systems.


WHY:                       Once a program only designated for large-scale hospitals, tele-ICUs are now impactful in hospitals and health systems of all sizes and operational and technical capacities. When combined with the right strategic partnerships, internal hospital leadership can implement tele-ICUs and improve patient care and hospital costs, regardless of whether their staffing includes intensivists at the bedside.


WHO:                       Manu Varma, Business Leader, Philips Wellcentive and Hospital to Home:

“In a time of value-based care, the promise of a streamlined ICU and the ability to improve outcomes has brought tele-ICU technology to the forefront of the healthcare IT space. This eBook provides health organizations with actionable insights and key industry findings around how a tele-ICU can help improve intensivists’ and nurses’ workflows as well as patient and family experiences in the ICU, and potentially improve organizations bottom lines.”


                                    Lou Silverman, Chairman and CEO of Advanced ICU Care:

”We continue to see accelerating progress in the adoption of tele-ICU care. We see organizations moving from a question of ’if’ they are going to adopt tele-ICU to determining when and how they are going to adopt and deploy. Hospitals of all types and sizes are investigating and implementing tele-ICU solutions to deliver the highest level of care to the most critically ill patients and, in turn, deliver improvements in clinical outcomes and in financial performance.”


CONTACT:             Kathy O’Reilly978-221-8919,


MORE:                     The eBook is available for download here.