Partnership for Connected Illinois announces Award for Excellence in Telehealth Leadership luncheon

10/13/17: Chicago, Ill. – The Partnership for a Connected Illinois (PCI), in partnership with the American Telemedicine Association, announces its 2017 Awards for Excellence in Telehealth Leadership luncheon.  The Awards for Excellence in Telehealth Leadership are given to organizations that have made exceptional contributions to advancing telehealth in Illinois on behalf of their members, employees, communities, providers, and patients.

This year’s awards showcase five organizations, across three categories, including Improved Policy Changes to Advance Telehealth, Improved Care for Underserved Populations, and Advancing Telehealth by Innovation. Following are the recipients of the 2017 Awards for Excellence in Telehealth Leadership:

Improved Care for Underserved Populations:

  • Leadership Award: Illinois Telehealth Network
  • Achievement Award: Rush University Medical Center Tele-Stroke Network

Improved Policy Changes to Advance Telehealth:

  • Leadership Award: Presence Health

Advancing Telehealth by Innovation:

  • Leadership Award: Regroup Therapy
  • Achievement Award: TelePharm

All five annual Awards for Excellence in Telehealth Leadership will be presented to the recipient organizations during the 2017 Awards for Excellence in Telehealth Leadership luncheon at 12 p.m. on November 9, 2017 to be held at the offices of McDermott Will & Emery LLP (444 West Lake Street, Suite 4000, Chicago). Dr. Sabrina Smith, Interim CEO of the American Telemedicine Association, will be the featured guest speaker.

About the Partnership for Connected Illinois

Partnership for a Connected Illinois (PCI) is an Illinois 501(C) (3) nonprofit organization. The organization was formed in 2009 with the mission to ensure broadband access throughout the State of Illinois and to maximize its impact and adoption. PCI oversaw the expenditure of over $305 million for the expansion of broadband over 3,593 miles in Illinois. In 2015, with the completion of its Federal grants, PCI shifted its focus to broadband adoption through the use of telehealth. PCI created a project, the Illinois Telehealth Initiative, which conducts educational events on telehealth law, organizes telehealth demonstration projects and recognizes organizations that have demonstrated leadership in advancing telehealth in Illinois. To learn more about PCI, visit

About the American Telemedicine Association

Established in 1993, the American Telemedicine Association (ATA) is a non-profit, membership-based association located in Washington DC.  Comprised of a membership network of more than 10,000 industry leaders and healthcare professionals, ATA is the leading telehealth association helping to transform healthcare by improving the quality, equity, and affordability of healthcare throughout the world. To learn more about ATA, visit


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