Inspired Aging and Virtual Care Transformation at Baycrest Health Sciences

Interactive Breakout

April 16, 2019 | 10:00 a.m. – 10:45 a.m. CDT

“Inspired Aging”, Baycrest’s new five-year strategic plan, embeds virtual care in the pursuit of its mission to tackle the public health challenge of dementia and chronic care in an aging world. This strategic priority builds on numerous point-of-care clinical initiatives, beginning in 2016, to design and pilot modalities of virtual care aimed at a diverse set of clients and care settings: hospital patients (eConsult with specialists), nursing home residents (palliative care and behavior support outreach), outpatients (virtual home assessment and memory clinic), homebound frail seniors (geriatrician and geriatric psychiatry visits, 24/7 primary care), caregivers of people with dementia (virtual counselling groups and individual caregiver support), and cognitive neuroscience translational research participants (goal management training). These projects helped the academic health sciences center to conceptualize virtual care as a new ‘environment of care’, integrated with the various capabilities of all other care environments at Baycrest.

Virtual care is now a cornerstone of Baycrest’s transformational journey to introduce innovative residential and health care delivery models for older adults and their families. We envision a future where Baycrest will ‘pivot’ from being a healthcare facility that provides some community-focused virtual services, to a virtual healthcare organization that has some physical infrastructure to support the segment of the population that needs it. “Baycrest@Home” will deliver a portfolio of direct and virtual technology-enabled home care and community-based activities supporting frail older adults. Two leaders who are instrumental in this bottom-up and top-down approach will share the story of Baycrest’s organic roll-out of virtual care services that informed the strategic plan. Facilitated participant engagement will ensure that you emerge from the session with insights from Baycrest’s story that can be applied to your work, your organization, and your care environment.


  • Jagger Smith, Program Director, Ambulatory Transformation, Baycrest Health Sciences
  • Simon Cheesman, Director, Baycrest@Home, Baycrest Health Sciences