Maternal Health in the U.S. – A Mounting Crisis

Augmenting Traditional Maternity Care with Virtual Care

The Real Stories of Four Women and their High-Risk Pregnancies

The United States ranks last with the highest maternal mortality rate of 11 countries with the highest income – a little known fact for first time parents. Moreover, recent statistics show the U.S. ranking behind 30 other countries with maternal deaths continuing to increase since 2000. Today over 700 pregnancy-related deaths occur each year – two-thirds of which are preventable. ¹ Among the many maternal health challenges facing the U.S. are high-risk pregnancies, barriers to proper care, gaps in the prenatal to postnatal care cycle, and glaring disparities in mortality and morbidity rates among underserved and minority populations. These gaps are further exacerbated by a continued shortage in resources and a siloed approach to maternity care that leaves patient populations increasingly vulnerable.

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