Riverside Health System: Stroke Coverage Improves with Telemedicine Support

Headquartered in Newport News, Virginia, Riverside Health System operates four acute care hospitals and four stroke facilities. Serving two million people, it offers a comprehensive, integrated span of services, including urgent care, skilled nursing, home care, physical therapy, and wellness. Riverside’s stroke network includes the Peninsula’s only DNV certified Comprehensive Stroke Center at Riverside Regional Medical Center.

Grappling with resource shortage impacting specialty care coverage, physician burn-out, and slowing response times, the provider implemented a TeleNeurology program to support stroke coverage. As a result, Riverside Health System realized more thorough 24-hour coverage for specialty stroke care, improved critical patient response times with door-to-needle time reduced from 47 to 35 minutes and average four-minute connect time, better physician retention, seamless integration into EMR and other data systems, and compliance with highest accreditation standards. Read the entire case study below.

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