Symptom Specific Care and the Goal to Provide Personalized and Patient Centered Healthcare

Express Talk

April 14, 2019 | 1:45 p.m. – 2:00 p.m. CDT

Ro is a direct-to-consumer telehealth company that handles everything from diagnosis to convenient delivery of medication. 70% of our patients are treated via asynchronous telemedicine and we’re live in 45 states, able to provide care to 98.5% of the US population. Ro has two verticals: Roman (tackling men’s health) and Zero (tackling addiction). Roman started by treating erectile dysfunction and now treats 5 conditions. Zero is a comprehensive program that combines prescription medication, nicotine replacement therapy and support via our app to help people quit smoking. Ro will soon launch an end to end vertical for women.

As a healthcare technology company, we built an EMR to help our physicians provide quality and safe care efficiently and effectively. Our technology and data analytics optimize our physician workflow and member experience. By providing disease-specific care, we can personalize our virtual visits to cover all information needed to safely prescribe medication to our members.

The majority of our physicians work full-time in traditional practice settings but can provide care and support to our members because of our symptom-specific model. Our physicians feel supported and comfortable prescribing medication via telemedicine because of our thorough online visits, extensive protocols and treatment plans that allow much more extensive counseling than an office setting. By knowing what symptom the patient is seeking care for ahead of time, we can design a personalized experience. Our platform and pharmacy integration, allows us to discreetly deliver medication to our members without the burden of having to go to the pharmacy. Our extensive treatment plans educate our members, both about their condition, and its potential underlying causes. Our motto is to meet our members at eye level. We are here to take on the complexity of healthcare so that our members feel better and build the lives they want.


  • Melynda Barnes, MD, Associate Clinical Director, Ro