Peter Yellowlees, MD, MBBS

Professor of Clinical Psychiatry
Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences and Vice Chair of Faculty Development
UC Davis Health System

After completing his medical training in London, Dr. Yellowlees worked in Australia for twenty years before coming to UC Davis to continue his research in telemedicine and eHealth. He has an international reputation in telemedicine and long distance health and education delivery and is an experienced speaker who has given over 100 presentations in 20 countries in the past five years. He has a number of research interests and is presently working on projects involving electronic record implementation, physician health, Internet email and video consultation services, the use of virtual reality for health education on the Internet, and store and forward telepsychiatry. Dr. Yellowlees has worked in public and private sectors, in academia, and in rural settings. He has published three books and about 200 scientific articles and book chapters and has been regularly involved in media presentations. He has consulted to governments and private sector companies in several countries and has received about $12 million in research grants. His main interests are in improving access to health and education services using information technologies.