Innovations in Telehealth Care Offer New Resources and Opportunities

Adopt New Health Care Techniques with a VA Career

When it comes to providing the best care to Veterans, we don’t let distance slow us down. We always push ourselves to expand our services and improve the way we provide treatment and prevention.

A Unique Outreach

While recent years have taught us all new ways of communicating online, staff at the VA Cincinnati Health Care System have taken things once step farther, innovating their efforts to provide “TeleRehabilitation”—occupational, physical and speech therapy services through telehealth as an alternative to in-person care.

The demand for telehealth options has increased in recent years at the Cincinnati VA, especially for Veterans living with neurodegenerative conditions, which led to the TeleRehabilitation program. Backed by our Office of Rural Health, Cincinnati VA offers Veterans the opportunity to improve their health from the comfort of home.

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