Telemedicine is Transforming with Access to NEW, Cutting-Edge Comprehensive Care Solutions

Companies like MedWand Solutions, Inc are Revolutionizing Healthcare by Facilitating a More Comprehensive Assessment of a Patient’s Health and an Extensive Remote Diagnosis

Telehealth is changing healthcare for the long term and a USA-based company is leading the way. Poised to transform the current capabilities of telemedicine, MedWand (recently received FDA clearance) offers various kits including: the MedWand Evaluation Kit, the MedWand Mobile Clinic, and the MedWand Remote Clinic. By facilitating a more comprehensive assessment of a patient’s health and an extensive remote diagnosis, MedWand provides the crucial missing link in the delivery of telemedicine.

Like the electric car of the 1990s, the demand, capabilities, and prototypes were there, but the market was unwilling to drive telehealth’s adoption and regulation. Fast forward to summer 2020 when the COVID-19 pandemic made risk-averse patients and providers reluctant to see each other unless critically necessary, and the market shifted, taking unprecedented actions. 

In a matter of weeks, federal and state governments lowered telehealth market barriers. With barriers reduced and demand surging, US telehealth adoption increased from 8 percent before the pandemic(1) to 69 percent by April 2020(2). Research indicates that the telehealth market will reach $22 billion in revenue this year(3), up from $13 billion in 2019. The area could see a compound annual growth rate of 38 percent through 2025(4). Patient demand for telehealth is growing, as will expectations for a frictionless and personalized experience across channels.

As of July 2022, some would argue that the future of telemedicine has arrived with companies pushing the boundaries and current understanding of telemedicine capabilities. For example, MedWand combines multiple clinically accurate vitals sensors and an Ultra-HD resolution camera into one, handheld, lightweight device. Data collected include core temperature, blood oxygen saturation and pulse rate, heart, lung and abdominal auscultations, electrocardiogram*, and high definition otoscopic, oropharynx, and dermatoscopic exam images. Through instantly connected approved peripherals, MedWand VirtualCare Clinic can also provide Blood Pressure, Glucometer, Spirometry and Weight and body mass data.

Delivering a unique combination of video consultation, live monitoring, and capturing of clinical-grade vitals, MedWand also provides a platform for future AI based vitals data analysis to enable cost efficient and comprehensive telemedicine services for medical facilities worldwide.

The opportunity for telemedicine products and services to become a standard of care is growing. The challenge facing these technology and healthcare providers will focus on their ability to scale-up to this unprecedented demand.