WHO is establishing technical advisory group and roster of experts on digital health


WHO is establishing a global multi-disciplinary technical group to advise us on issues related to digital health.

WHO’s newly-established Digital Health Department will work to harness the power of digital health technologies and steer developments to contribute to the attainment of all people to the highest level of health through the General Programme of Work (GPW13) triple billion goals and Sustainable Development Goal 3 (Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages). World Health Assembly resolution WHA/71 A71 on digital health underpins this work.

To support this work, WHO is establishing roster of experts in various areas related to digital health, such as strategic approaches, areas for intervention and governance structures for regulations and adoption of digital health solutions and products. Some of those experts will be selected to be part of a technical advisory group, and others may be called on the be part of specific subgroups.

Members of the technical advisory group will have an understanding and experience working in digital health, national or large scale digital health programs and policy, artificial intelligence and health, virtual and augmented reality in healthcare, biomedical innovation, robotic surgery, wearable technologies and health and wellness, traceability (e.g. block chain) and health, ethics, governance and security in healthcare ecosystem with focus on digital health, health economics with focus on digital health and health law with focus on digital health technologies. Individuals interested in applying to participate in this group will find details on the application process here.

WHO will publish the membership of the advisory group once we receive responses and assess conflicts of interest.

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