Finding the Gaps in Technology: Virtual Care and Remote Patient Monitoring

This 30-question survey delves into various aspects of the virtual care model – and specifically remote patient monitoring – to determine where healthcare providers and remote patient monitoring stakeholders see clear benefit and where pain points still exist.

“We know the pandemic created widespread acceptance and use for remote patient monitoring as an effective way to treat patients in their homes,” said Terry Duesterhoeft, Chief Product Officer of EarlySense. “But we also know there are still barriers and challenges to implementation and use of technology outside the hospital.

This survey is giving us the ability to see how we can address known and unknown pain points, so we all plan for a longer-term, technology-based future.” Designed to create a forum for understanding applications and opportunities for enhancing remote monitoring technologies, the survey focuses on:

  • Adoption and types of technology used;
  • Impact of remote monitoring solutions on patient care;
  • Gaps in ability of technology to drive solution-based results; and
  • Opportunities for technology to deliver improvements in clinician efficiency.

The survey will run from September 17 to November 19, 2021, with findings announced the first week of December 2021.

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