HealthSaaS and AkēLex Launch Free COVID-19 Assessment Tool in Collaboration with HP

Two Oregon Digital Health Companies Leverage Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) to Fight COVID-19

Portland, ORHealthSaaS and AkēLex, with the technical and advisory support of HP, have launched, a free, AI-powered, web-based, COVID-19 assessment tool. The service is an extension of the HealthSaaS CarePath AI remote patient monitoring (RPM) platform powered by HP Population Health IT (PHIT) Solutions.

Cognitive RPM is quickly emerging as one of the most effective tools healthcare providers have for treating COVID-19 patients. RPM can help minimize the risk of infection to clinicians and other patients, while reducing the burden on overwhelmed healthcare facilities by providing care in place for quarantined patients. This solution, combined with enterprise-class patient friendly devices, services, and financing options from HP, are designed to support individuals, government agencies, health systems, hospitals, researchers, and others to identify, treat and manage the response to COVID-19. These tools enable healthcare workers to preemptively focus on high risk patients, while the inherent social distancing of its remote monitoring capabilities allows lower risk patients to stay at home, freeing up hospital facilities and resources. and the CarePath AI platform are both enabled by the AkēLex Adaptive Knowledge Engine (AKE). This solution is more comprehensive in its determination of COVID-19 risk compared to the chatbot-based “symptom checkers” cropping up in the wake of the pandemic. The strength of the solution is it evaluates a greater number of clinical signs and also detects, differentiates, and reports other life-threatening conditions which share some of the COVID-19 symptoms such as a heart attack, sepsis, and low blood sugar. Additionally, the service is fully anonymous, collecting population health data only, and making it available to COVID-19 research and public health institutions such as Johns Hopkins University, and the CDC to better track and understand the spread of the pandemic.

“In less than three weeks we adapted our technology to aid in the global fight against this pandemic. I’ve never seen a project go from zero to 100 as fast as this.” HealthSaaS CEO Frank Ille says. “It’s a credit to all involved. I’m humbled by the experience, and by the way our partners stepped up without hesitation and selflessly put other projects on hold for this initiative.”

Fran Ayalasomayajula, Head of Population Health, Worldwide, HP Inc. explains, “Advances in technology such as broader scale adoption of remote patient monitoring have become essential modalities in assisting in the delivery of care. In the face of epidemics, they offer greater reach of limited resources.”

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