Medly Pharmacy Joins the American Telemedicine Association

Membership Highlights Medly’s Commitment to Improving Healthcare Access Through Technology

BROOKLYN, Feb. 4, 2021 — Medly Pharmacy is proud to announce they recently joined the American Telemedicine Association at the Tier 5 level.  Medly is excited to join a group of the most forward-thinking companies in the healthcare sector who are leveraging technology and innovation to expand and increase access to healthcare. As the telemedicine sector continues to flourish, Medly believes there are great opportunities to seamlessly incorporate its data-driven solutions and pharmacy fulfillment services to help telemedicine platforms improve health outcomes for their members.

Medly, founded by second-generation pharmacy owners, is a full-service, digital pharmacy that offers free same-day prescription delivery through a mobile application. It allows patients to manage prescription status, chat with pharmacists, and track deliveries up to when the medication reaches their doorstep. Additionally, for those patients who prefer to maintain the traditional in-person experience, they can visit Medly’s brick-and-mortar locations for all of their pharmacy needs.

Medly’s technology-enabled and patient-first approach provides customer service in over twelve languages and can dispense all medications – specialty, brand, and generic. In addition to same-day delivery that serves a 50-mile radius from each brick-and-mortar location, Medly offers a range of patient-friendly services – including automatic refills and medication synchronization. These services empower patients to overcome social determinants of health and other challenges to access their medications and take them as prescribed by their provider. Together these services create a better experience for each patient resulting in a customer satisfaction score that is 4.5 times greater than that of the average pharmacy.

“We’ve seen how Medly’s innovative technology-enabled model democratizes pharmacy access,” said co-founder and Chief Executive Officer Dr. Marg Patel. “Telemedicine services have been critical for high-risk and elderly patients who can’t leave their homes during COVID-19. I’m thrilled to join a group of likeminded companies expanding and promoting these essential healthcare services for all patients, especially those in underserved areas.”

“We are pleased to welcome Medly Pharmacy to the ATA,” said Ann Mond Johnson, CEO, the ATA. “Over the past year, the public health emergency has brought attention to the shortcomings of our healthcare system and the important role telehealth can play in care delivery. Medly and the ATA share a common focus – to address the health disparities experienced by millions of Americans, especially those in rural and underserved communities by improving access to care through technology.”

Medly currently operates in New York City, New Jersey, Raleigh, Philadelphia, Miami, Dallas, and Baltimore using their rapid growth and growing customer base in 2020 as a springboard, Medly plans to expand to most major areas in the next 18 months.