USA Doctor’s campaign for Indian COVID-19 patients, ‘call-for-advice’ service started for free

Pune: Covid outbreaks in India appear to be exacerbated during this time. The prevalence of COVID-19 is increasing rapidly day by day. Measures are being taken by the administration to break the corona chain. However, the number of corona lesions does not appear to be declining. The corona virus is infecting people of every age. If you are also infected with this virus, you can seek free advice from an expert doctor of Indian descent in the United States. For that you need to have a smart phone and internet.

‘Strict lockdown in the country is inevitable’, says Indian medical experts

The corona virus has been spreading in the country since last year. Doctors, nurses, medical department are working fully to ensure timely treatment of Corona patients. Although medical staff faces many difficulties in treating patients, still they are working strenuously for the patients. Now the doctors in the United States have given a helping hand to the doctors in our country. The initiative, started by doctors in the United States, includes expert doctors of Indian descent.

Hemraj Gaidhani, a doctor of Indian descent in the United States, said that the coronavirus is a global crisis that has hit India hard. With India having the largest population, controlling the corona infection is one of the biggest challenges. Doctors of Indian descent have created a platform to give proper advice to corona infected patients in India. Here free appropriate advice will be given to the corona infected patient. In particular, patients will be given this advice in their own language and will be informed about the exact treatment of corona. In this initiative launched in the United States, Dr. Abhijit Nakve, Dr. Hemraj Gaidhani, Dr. Nishant Sangole, Dr. Gupta, Dr. Nitin Thackeray has taken the initiative along with their friends participation.

How to communicate with doctors of United States?

The corona-infected patient has been provided with the website to communicate with specialist doctors in the United States. These patients will be able to interact with doctors in the United States from home or hospital. In addition, their medical reports will also be shown to doctors. According to the report, the doctor will advise the patient. This facility is free and no fee will be charged. This communication is also available in various mother tongues which could make the patient’s interaction with the doctors easily.

-Omkar Khedekar

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