WASHINGTON, DC, SEPTEMBER 06, 2023Executives for Health Innovation (EHI) today announced it has selected the American Telemedicine Association (ATA) to support the legacy that EHI has championed for over two decades. EHI assets will transfer to the ATA, and current EHI members will benefit from expanded engagement opportunities within the ATA’s Special Interest Groups, as well as exclusive access to events, including: Telehealth Awareness Week, the Insights Summit on Virtual Nursing, and the EDGE Policy Conference, as well as ATA Nexus 2024, the ATA’s annual industry-leading virtual care conference.

“While this marks the end of an era, it is also the start of a new and promising chapter. I am thrilled that we have selected the American Telemedicine Association to support the legacy that EHI has championed for over two decades. Our unwavering dedication to EHI’s mission and our members guided us to this partnership with the ATA.” said Jen Covich Bordenick, CEO, EHI. “I am thankful to the many members and EHI staff alumnae. Your dedication, passion, and tireless efforts were instrumental to our organization’s legacy. I am confident the bonds forged at EHI will continue to connect a diverse group of health and technology leaders for many years to come.”

Amy McDonough, managing director and general manager, Fitbit Health Solutions at Google, and member of the Board for EHI, reflected on the transition, stating, “The convergence of EHI with the ATA is a testament to the evolutionary nature of health innovation. It’s a fitting next step that ensures the longevity of EHI’s mission. EHI has always been at the forefront of promoting healthcare technology, and under the umbrella of the ATA, I am certain we will continue to break barriers and redefine patient care for the better. This move is not just a merger of assets and benefits; it’s a melding of visions and aspirations for a brighter, more connected healthcare future.”

In May 2023, EHI, formerly eHealth Initiative, announced the organization was winding down operations. Founded in 2001 to promote the adoption of health technology, the nonprofit convened thousands of health and technology executives, successfully advocated for federal incentives, provided grant funding to communities and conducted groundbreaking research.

“Our mission, to transform healthcare through technology, aligns with EHI’s vision, commitment and member interests. We are committed to preserving EHI’s legacy and will continue to shape policy, drive innovation and expand opportunities for its members through the ATA’s communities, convenings and leadership initiatives,” said Ann Mond Johnson, CEO of the ATA. “We applaud EHI for their indelible contributions to the industry and to the betterment of patient care, and we are grateful that they entrust the ATA to carry forward this essential work. We look forward to welcoming EHI’s members, to preserving its thought leadership, and to continuing to advance policy to support tech-enable care that is lower cost, higher quality, and more accessible for all populations.”

About the ATA

As the only organization completely focused on advancing telehealth, the American Telemedicine Association is committed to ensuring that everyone has access to safe, affordable, and appropriate care when and where they need it, enabling the system to do more good for more people. The ATA represents a broad and inclusive member network of leading healthcare delivery systems, academic institutions, technology solution providers and payers, as well as partner organizations and alliances, working to advance industry adoption of telehealth, promote responsible policy, advocate for government and market normalization, and provide education and resources to help integrate virtual care into emerging value-based delivery models.

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