eVisit Celebrates Telehealth Awareness Week Recognizing Customer Successes

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The first-ever Telehealth Awareness Week is due to launch in 10 days, the week of Sept. 19. The official week is being dedicated by the American Telemedicine Association (ATA) to convene a diverse coalition of stakeholders to advance telehealth as a quality care option for all Americans. The ATA team is hosting events and offering resources to highlight the value of telehealth in care delivery. Updates on activities planned for the week, as well as opportunities to participate, are available on the official Telehealth Awareness Week website here.

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eVisit became an official ATA Level 5 member earlier this year, and we meet regularly with the ATA team at many levels to stay connected, collaborate and share our Vision. They say “Telehealth is Health.” We say “Virtual Care is Care” — slightly different words that convey the same sentiment!

Our alignment is strong and to join in the ATA’s Telehealth Awareness Week celebration, #TelehealthIsHealth, we felt it fitting to recognize here, at The Virtual Care Blog, some key customer successes across a range of use cases.

At eVisit, I am proud to say we are obsessed with our customer’s success. This was a key point in the recently published report — The Forrester Wave: Virtual Care Platforms for Digital Health, where Arielle Trzcinski and Daniel Hong, leaders among the research and author team, covered this crucial point on page 1 of the 18-page report.

…Virtual care customers should look for platforms that:

Demonstrate customer obsession. While virtual care utilization increased exponentially in 2020, many deployments are in their infancy. For some vendors, now is the first time that their platforms have been used extensively by healthcare systems and clinics. With increased adoption comes the opportunity to collect more feedback and improve…Look for platforms that follow an iterative design process, conduct patient and clinician journey mapping, embed feedback-collection mechanisms, and measure product success with metrics that are tied to customer retention and acquisition.

At eVisit we do exactly that. I just saw our customer success color-coded dashboard at a recent AllHands Meeting just this week, as our VP of Customer Success, Justin Miller, detailed our internal metrics and tracking system that is driving significant customer success every day.

So, in the spirit of celebration and recognition in honor of Telehealth Awareness Week and its new mission, we wanted to share the following major wins among some of our top customers who are harnessing the power of telehealth in a range of different ways.

Telehealth Successes, Presented by eVisit

Broadest Use Success goes to…Banner Health, who is using telehealth across its enterprise starting out with a few specialty areas in 2020 and now broadening to 17 specialties from Urgent Care to Memory Care. This team also conducted one of the fastest telehealth technology deployments for a health system of its size — read more about this element of Banner’s telehealth success here.

Business Intelligence Success goes to…Concentra, the leader in Occupational Telehealth, which has very complicated workflows with Care Coordinators assigned to patients and multiple handoffs throughout their Virtual Care process. This smart telemedicine team is led by Ann Schnure, VP of Telemedicine, and they use our sophisticated reporting capabilities, especially the real-time data features, to stay in-the-know of their clinical workflow to continually optimize efficiencies. You can read more detail about this customer here.

Seamless Access Success goes to…MMM, the only Medicare Advantage service provider in Puerto Rico, who recently launched Cita Virtual (Virtual Appointment in English) in response to the needs of older adults to offer easy and convenient access to healthcare. Cita Virtual schedules an appointment with the patient’s primary doctor or, if his/her own doctor is not available, it can guarantee an appointment with another provider in MMM’s network. This new service strengthens the relationship between doctors and patients and lowers healthcare costs. The eVisit platform integrated seamlessly into MMM’s current app, which was important so that seniors served by Cita Virtual didn’t have to learn a new piece of technology to benefit from the new service. Learn more about MMM’s advanced use of telehealth here.

Consistency of Care Success goes to…Easterseals of Michigan, who is among our highest volume customer users on the platform and serving the behavioral health needs for people of all ages via telehealth. Easterseals has been a customer for some time, but when the pandemic hit, like many other providers in the behavioral health industry, usage spiked and hasn’t slowed down. Easterseals Michigan has this mission: Today and every day, to lead the way to full equity, inclusion and access through life-changing disability and community services. This organization’s advanced use of telehealth to serve its mission is extraordinary!

Congratulations to these Telehealth Awareness Week awardee organizations!

There are many more customers we could celebrate here who are leveraging the power of Virtual Care technology to enhance patient care. We are just getting started! Check back regularly at this blog, or click the button below to sign up for regular blog updates and more customer success stories.

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