Logitech Users Deliver Virtual Therapy, Clinician Training from Anywhere

by Benjamin Doda, Logitech Video Collaboration

Telehealth is increasingly used in mental healthcare to enhance patient-provider communication and provider-to-provider collaboration when it matters most. Here are a few inspiring stories from Logitech customers who are delivering care to patients and providing education to colleagues virtually:


Molly Zive is a licensed therapist based in San Diego, CA. Molly uses a Logitech C925e webcam to provide care to clients, while ensuring safety precautions, by offering virtual therapy sessions:

“Video sessions offer so much more accessibility,” she said. “Besides removing obvious barriers like commuting and parking, I’ve been able to see several clients who have tested positive for COVID, who were struggling with their mental health. They needed the support and validation during a difficult time in their life when they were isolating.”

“The picture is a lot clearer,” thanks to her Logitech webcam, she added.

Valentina Dragomir is a psychotherapist based in Romania. She uses a Logitech C922 HD Pro webcam to provide online consultations from her home office, including individual and couples therapy sessions:

“Using video allows me to work with patients who are geographically distant, and has improved the overall quality of my services,” she said. “My patients have reported feeling more connected to me, and as though they are able to get the same quality of care that they would in-person.”

Training and Learning

Dr. Elizabeth McMahon is a licensed clinical psychologist in San Francisco. She uses a Logitech Brio Ultra HD webcam to teach and record live webinars, providing continuing education training to other mental health clinicians:

“I use webinars to teach self-help skills, such as skills to help physicians heal from burnout, and psychological first aid skills to help healthcare professionals, community emergency response team members, public health employees and first responders who deal with people in crisis,” she said.

Providing accessible, high-quality mental healthcare has never been more important. Detailed, on-demand clinical training has become essential. Mental health professionals are finding success with the simplicity and clarity of Logitech as they pursue their mission from anywhere.

About the Author: Ben is a writer at Logitech in the video collaboration department and telehealth advocate.