Logitech Users Deploy Virtual Visits for Mental Healthcare, Physical Therapy, and Whole-Person Care

by Benjamin Doda, Logitech Video Collaboration

Virtual visits can often be a lifeline to those who need it most, when they need it. To highlight the value of virtual visits and their ability to transform care delivery, we’d like to share a few stories from Logitech customers who are delivering this service in a variety of compelling ways:

Mental Healthcare

Ariel Landrum is the Clinical Director of mental health co-op Guidance Teletherapy. She uses a Logitech StreamCam Plus with Tripod mount to deliver care to military members and their families, college students, and mothers across state lines:

“Having access to a clinician, no matter where in the state the clinician was, allowed for the clients to experience consistent treatment gains,” she said. “Additionally, if the client relocated to another state, and the clinician was able to get another license in another state or access temporary licenses, these clients were able to adjust to the relocation and develop support networks quicker with the aid of their therapist.”

Physical Therapy

Joseph Rayner runs QOL Health & Performance in Austin, Texas. He uses a Logitech StreamCam to efficiently perform physical therapy:

“The best use of telehealth services are for those that are dealing with minor to moderate injuries, overuse injuries, and chronic pain conditions,” he said. “These conditions do not require the need of hands-on treatment, and so everything that is needed can be managed virtually.”

Joseph said that, with his StreamCam, he is able to enhance the video quality of his sessions with patients via his desktop computer.

“Telehealth is a game-changer, as it allows for innovative approaches to patients’ conditions,” he said.

Whole-Person Care

Brad Case is the president of The Good Clinic, where he manages technology integrations across various locations. Practitioners at The Good Clinic use Logitech C920e webcams, which are built for mass deployment, to deliver virtual care for ongoing follow-up appointments, acute illnesses, and minor injuries.

“A telehealth visit to discuss questions and provide education and encouragement is a big client satisfier,” he said. “By making health care more accessible and flexible, we can cement a trusted, long-term relationship with every client.”

Healthcare professionals face a number of overlapping challenges today, spanning patient engagement, population health management, and public health outcomes. Logitech customers are thriving as they deploy virtual visits to enhance the patient and clinician experience.

About the Author: Ben is a writer at Logitech in the video collaboration department and telehealth advocate.