Vascular Care of Texas’ Case Report Published in Vascular Disease Management Showcases

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PLANO, TX, Oct. 27, 2020—Vivify Health, the developer of the nation’s leading connected care platform for remote patient care, has achieved a new milestone. The use of its remote patient monitoring (RPM) platform to manage care for Vascular Care of Texas’ patients during the COVID-19 pandemic is being highlighted in the October issue of Vascular Disease Management (Vol. 17, No. 10). This marks the first time Vivify’s work on behalf of its clients has been featured in a peer-reviewed journal. The case report was also chosen to be featured in the Editor’s Corner due to its timeliness.

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Written by Vascular Care of Texas’ Edic Stephanian, M.D., F.A.C.S., medical director of acute aortic emergency program and vascular surgery at Medical City Plano Hospital, the case report explains that Vascular Care of Texas originally began looking into RPM and telehealth in early 2019. The goal then was to help improve health outcomes for its most elderly, highly vulnerable patient population.

The program had been running successfully for six months when COVID-19 first reached U.S. shores. Because the practice is located in the Dallas metropolitan area, the risk of rapid virus spread was high. Vascular Care of Texas was concerned about how it could continue to care for its patients’ core vascular conditions while keeping them safe from the pandemic. Vivify came to the rescue quickly according to Dr. Stephanian.

“Vivify released a COVID-19-related pathway in March that enabled patients to self-screen for the virus,” said Dr. Stephanian. “We were able to send it to all our patients participating in the RPM program to give them evidence-based information they could rely on rather than finding questionable information on their own on the Internet. The program has been a huge success, both in helping our patients avoid needless risk by coming to a healthcare facility during the pandemic and in driving higher compliance rates with their care plans overall. We are proud our story was selected for publication by such a highly respected peer-reviewed journal.”

The article goes on to state that while Vascular Care of Texas does not have formal data yet, it has seen that patients who are participating in the RPM program are experiencing fewer negative incidents and better overall outcomes. Additionally, those who do not start out in the RPM and telehealth program show marked improvement in their conditions once they begin following the pathway.

Overall patient satisfaction with the practice and the quality of care is also higher for those who are participating in the program, especially in light of the risks of contracting COVID-19 through an office visit as cases continue to climb again in the fall. In fact, the success of the program has Vascular Care of Texas planning to increase enrollment from the current level of 100 patients to 250 at any given time within the next year.

“The Vascular Care of Texas story is a tremendous example of the power of RPM and telehealth, inside or outside of a pandemic,” said Eric Rock, CEO of Vivify. “We are gratified that Dr. Stephanian was so willing to share his experience and that it is appearing in such a distinguished publication. RPM and telehealth have gained a lot of traction in the past few months as a result of the pandemic. This story demonstrates why that momentum should continue once COVID-19 is behind us so providers can bring better, safer and more convenient care to all their patient populations.”

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