ATA Action Center

ATA Federal Action Center

Patient choice and healthcare equality must become a top priority of our nation's policymakers. One of the most effective means of influencing policymakers is the collective voice of the ATA membership.  When Members of Congress hear directly from you, it is highly impactful and makes a powerful statement. This may influence their policy position or even the details of legislation.

Who is the best advocate for telehealth? ATA members. 
The ATA Action Center is here so that you can learn more about your legislators, the bills affecting telehealth that are moving through Congress, and how you can to take action. Members of Congress listen to their constituents, particularly those from their home states and districts and those who are knowledgeable of the area they are advocating. Whether it is writing letters in support of legislation, keeping track of bills in Congress, or making a statement on social media - we are here to help.

Join us on October 4th for Telehealth Lobby Day
Congress is working on legislation that will have a tremendous impact on the future of healthcare - and the most effective way to influence your Members of Congress is face-to-face. Learn how to get involved on the Hill here. Can't make it to Hill Day? You can still contact your lawmakers!  Click below for information, templates, tools and best practices for communicating with your members of Congress on these Medicare-related issues.